George Rittenhouse

George Rittenhouse | (256) 824-5326

CMER Research Offices: Alabama Technology Network (ATN), Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Mr. Rittenhouse is a Lean Manufacturing and Energy Training Specialist who has been involved in over 100 week-long Kaizen events throughout the United States, Canada, and Western Europe.  He has gone through NIST Lean Training, is a certified thermographer, plus has 30 years of industrial, DOD contracting, and teaching experience.  Rittenhouse’s specialty is setup reduction, equipment modification, and flow improvement.  The elimination of root causes of waste in his clients has produced productivity increases of 30% – 50%, cost savings of millions of dollars, and reduced work in process by as much as 90%.  During a Kaizen event, he works with both supervisors and hourly employees to produce the desired results.

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