Awards Given in Economy, Energy, and Environment Categories for Outstanding Sustainability Efforts —

Prattville, Ala., – August 24, 2012 — Three awards commending sustainability efforts made by companies were presented at this year’s Alabama E3 Sustainability  Conference held in Montgomery.  These awards were presented in three categories- Economy, Energy, and Environment, representing the three areas of the E3 initiative.

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ZF Industries was the recipient of this year’s Economy Award for the Alabama E3 Initiative.

The first award presented was in the Economy category.  The recipient of the Economy Award was ZF Industries.  ZF Industries was recognized for their significant action to seize the economic opportunities identified as part of the initial E3 assessment. ZF Industries was the very first company to participate in the AL E3 initiative.  They participated in four  E3 implementation events to help reduce their costs and remain competitive.  These efforts ultimately helped them place the most competitive bid and land a large contract supplying Mercedes -Benz’s plant in Vance, Ala.

JCI-Cottondale received this year’s Energy Award as part of the Alabama E3 Initiative.

The second award presented was in the Energy category.  The recipient of the Energy Award was Johnson Controls – Cottondale.  Johnson Controls -Cottondale was recognized for their significant efforts to reduce their energy usage based on the results of the E3 assessment.  JCI-Cottondale had the highest implementation rate for energy reduction practices of the initial 32 companies assessed.  They were able to independently implement recommendations as well as hold two additional energy kaizen events allowing for continued energy savings.  Johnson Controls -Cottondale was able to reach out in their success and help a sister company participate in the AL E3 initiative as well furthering the efforts of sustainability.

Electricfil receives the Environment Award from the Alabama E3 Initiative at the AL E3 conference.

The third award presented was the Environment award.  The recipient of the Environment Award was Electricfil.  Electricfil was recognized for their significant improvements in environmental stewardship.  After the initial E3 assessment, Electricfil partnered with TVA to make energy improvements which have helped to reduce their carbon footprint.  They have also conducted kaizen events to optimize their ovens and equipment utilization.  Most significant among their improvements has been Electricfil’s movement toward zero landfill.  Over the past few years, they have managed to reduce their waste disposal by 97% through material changes, generating less waste, and recycling materials internally by finding partners that can utilize their waste stream.  Electricfil has also been instrumental in helping to set up introductions for vendor recommendations for other companies.

TVA, along with ADECA and the Alabama Power Company, were also recognized as outstanding partners of the Alabama E3 initiative.

In addition, ADECA, The Alabama Power Company, and TVA were  recognized as outstanding partners to the Alabama E3 initiative at the conference.

Alabama E3 Partners are composed of federal, state, and local partners who bring various resources together such as technical assistance, customized training, financial support and incentives, professional services, and access to individuals that can enhance E3’s initiatives.