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A new release of the Alabama Aerospace Industry Association Directory has been published as of April 2013.

On an ongoing basis,  the AAIA directory will be updated at least annually or on as frequent a basis as possible. The  directory is available via the AAIA website as a pdf file download.

Companies that are current AAIA members will have an enhanced listing.   Non-members will be included with only basic information listed. Members are eligible to be included with the enhanced listing as a benefit of AAIA membership. Only companies active in the aerospace industry with a physical presence in Alabama qualify to be included.

Want to check and see if your company is an AAIA member? Click here to verify existing membership in AAIA

Want to submit your company information for the AAIA Directory? Click here to find the form to submit  to AAIA

Questions about AAIA or the AL Aerospace Directory? Email Jeff Thompson, AAIA Executive Director