In Honor of Earth Day 2013 – Highlighting A Sustainability Success


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ITW Sexton Can
Decatur, AL

Company Info:
ITW Sexton Can manufactures two-piece specialty aerosol cans for automobiles as well as adhesives and sealant applications.  They have a manufacturing facility located in Decatur, AL.

ITW Sexton Can sought assistance in implementing sustainability practices.  Potential money saving and sustainability improvements were identified through assessments based on Lean, energy saving best practices, and waste reduction.

ATN Assistance:
ITW Sexton Can-Decatur sought assistance from the Alabama Technology Network (ATN) of the University of Alabama Huntsville (UAH) for implementing sustainability practices from May to September 2012.  This assistance was available through the Alabama E3 (Economy, Energy, Environment) initiative that helps create manufacturing leadership through sustainability.

The Lean assessment showed opportunities for improvements at the strategic level.  ITW Sexton Can employees received training in Lean and Clean Manufacturing so continual improvements could be made in the facility.  Certain procedures and tools were used in the assessment including Work Place Organization, Total Productive Maintenance, Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED), Ultrasonic Leak Detector, and a Light Meter.

At the conclusion of the assessment by the UAH-ATN team it was determined that there was great opportunity for energy savings.  The IAC energy assessment identified over $77,000 worth of energy savings.

Overall results obtained from all assessments included:

  • Reduced changeover time by 50% over the baseline time of six hours
  • Maintenance and operators were in agreement with the changes
  • Staff now have the ability to leverage what they learned in this Kaizen event to many other pieces of equipment in the facility (The Lean team has implemented the changeover reduction ideas on four machines at this time)

The UAH-ATN team was also able to identify air leaks that could be repaired and create a savings of around $12,000.  The Lean training the employees at the facility received will also help to sustain and identify energy saving opportunities.

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