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End User Workshop For NEMA MotorMaster+ Software


Encourage  ALL Team Members to Attend

September 13 or September 20, 2013

About the Workshop

Participants in this workshop will learn how to use National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) Premium Motor Master+ software, an energy efficient motor selection and management tool, which includes a catalog of over 20,000 AC motors.

This tool features motor inventory management tools, maintenance log tracking, efficiency analysis, savings evaluation, energy accounting, and environmental reporting capabilities.

The workshop includes an enhanced user manual with new reporting methods and efficient predictive maintenance practices.

Who Will Benefit from Attending

  • Engineers and managers at facilities that use motors
  • Plant maintenance, operation, purchase and engineering staff
  • Motor system consultants
  • Anyone involved in electrical motors maintenance, purchases, repair, management or systems operations

What You Will Learn

  • Identify inefficient and oversized facility motors and compute desired savings with more energy efficient models
  • Apply an integrated motor management tool to optimize motor repair-versus-replace decisions
  • Calculate the savings and simple payback period for premium-efficiency motors versus standard efficiency motors
  • Improve maintenance systems and motor system reliability with predictive testing and using continuous energy improvement (CEI) strategies


  • Motors system management
  • Electronic variable speed drives overview
  • Power factor correction
  • Motor system maintenance
  • Motor repair
  • Guidelines and methods to evaluate repairing versus replacing
  • Introduction to using Motor Master+
    • Overview of software capabilities
    • Motor selection decisions


Gil McCoy, PE
Senior Energy Systems Engineer, Washington State University Energy Extension Center
He provides technical assistance and energy auditing services to industrial and public sector clients. McCoy’s areas of expertise include optimization of industrial systems (motor/drive, compressed air, steam, combined heat and power, and pumping).
He served as lead engineer for development of software products including MotorMaster+ (motor energy management), International Motor Selection and Savings Analysis, AirMaster+ (compressed air system assessment) and BallastMaster (lighting system/ballast selection) software.
McCoy is a U.S. DOE Qualified AIRMaster+ Specialist and a Qualified Steam Tools and Process Heating Specialist. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in metallurgical engineering from the University of Washington and a Master of Science degree in engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.

Two Workshop Locations in Alabama

Calera, Alabama
Friday, September 13
8:30 am – 4:30 pm
AL Power Technology Applications Center
General Services Complex
Bldg. 7B
744 County Road 87N
Calera, AL 35040
Decatur, Alabama
Friday, September 20
8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Decatur Utilities
1002 Central Parkway SW
Decatur, AL 35601

Registration Information

For Information OR to reserve a Seat @ either Training Session

Contact:  Dana Stone, (205) 348-4168 or click to email Dana

Save Energy – Save Money

Over 70% of the electrical energy used for manufacturing, and over 90% in process industriesis consumed by electric motor systems. Electric motor retrofits, breathable frequency drive applications, and other energy efficient strategies have been receiving encouraging attention. However, two areas are often overlooked for energy efficiency opportunities: maintenance and reliability.


According to the Electrical Power Research Institute (EPRI), the efficiencies of the mechanical equipment in general can be typically increased 10 to 15% through proper maintenance. In particular, predictive and preventive maintenance can help avoid motor failures, enable proactive maintenance or replacement, and improve the energy efficiency of motor systems in general.


Although energy costs alone do not always justify a motor maintenance program, a motor management program can justify itself almost immediately when energy saving considerations are combined with loss of productivity and associated reliability costs.

Click here to learn more on Motor Master+

This workforce solution is supported by the U. S. Department of Energy under Award Number DE-EE004782/000.



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