Foundations of A Lean Management System

While every organization desires to excel and improve at all levels of the company, very few grasp how to achieve true systematic, sustainable improvements.  This course, with deep roots derived from the Toyota Production and Management System (Lean), provides an introduction of a systematic Lean Business System model.  Additionally, the course focuses on the critical elements that form the foundation of a Lean Business system that must be in place to prepare the organization for higher-level improvement.

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Foundations of A Lean Management System is part of a NEW Training Course Series offered in 2013

New Series: Fundamentals of a COMPLETE Lean Business Management System  – (3 unit series)

Foundations of A Lean Management System is the first course of three focusing on the core components of a complete Lean Business Management System – the foundation blocks of a systematic Lean Business system model, the utilization of a value stream management process, and finally the development  and communication of an organizational strategy and the roles leadership plays to ensure the company becomes a high-performance enterprise.

Each course is a stand alone unit but we strongly encourage you to consider taking the entire training series and then at an additional cost, complete a foundational  project agreed upon and supervised by the instructor  to gain the maximum impact from the series.    Certificates of completion are provided for each training unit, and Lean Practitioner certification is awarded for completing the three course series & the foundational project.  Hands-on simulations and exercises are included in each section.

Course #2 – Value Stream Management in a Lean Business System

Course #3 –Strategy Deployment for a Lean Business System


Foundations of A Lean Management System Course Outline

Prerequisite(s): None


Day 1  (8 hour class length)

  • Introduction to Lean Business Systems (4 hours)
    • Identifying value streams
    • Learning to see disruptions in the flow of value
    • Introduction to the Lean Business System Model
    • PDCA planning & problem solving for process improvement
  • Workplace Organization (4 hours)
    • The 5s System
    • Visual Management

Day 2  (8 hour class length)

  • Process Standardization (4 hours)
    • Grasping the current condition- process observation and measurement
    • Job methods improvement
    • Creating standardized work
    • Job instruction training
  • Total Process Management and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) (4 hours)
    • Achieving ZERO unplanned process downtime
    • The 6 Big Losses of productivity
    • Overall Equipment and Process Effectiveness (OEE)- measurement and management


Each section of this course features hands-on simulations and exercises where participants will experience the benefits of topics by applying the lecture concepts and measuring the impact.


  • Foundational education of Lean Business system principles
  • Gain the ability to systematically and effectively improve processes and systems
  • Certificate of completion
  • Eligible to obtain Lean Practitioner certification: After completion of the following: Value Stream Management in a Lean Business System, Strategy Deployment  for a Lean Business System, and a project agreed upon and supervised by instructor


  • Management
  • Supervisors and team leaders
  • All employees
  • Human resources and trainers
  • Lean champions and kaizen facilitators
  • Engineers

Course Length:

2 days (16 hours)

Class Size: 10-25

Minimum class registration to make the course:  10

Cost:  Total cost $635

Course is $595 + $20 per day consumables fee 

Printable Course Outline

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