Lean Basics with Value Stream Mapping

The one day lecture course introduces the basics of Lean enterprise principles: standardized work, workplace organization, visual controls, set-up reduction, batch size reduction, point-of-use storage, quality at the source, workforce practices and pull systems.

The course will conclude with introduction to Value Stream Mapping. Based on Learning to See, from the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI), participants will learn to identify where the value streams are in their operations, map them “from door-to-door” and realize the wastes that exist in their current process.

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Lean Basics

History of manufacturing (evolution of Lean)

Lean definition

Eight Wastes

Lean Tools

  • 5 S of workplace organization
  • Visual Factory
  • Plant layout
  • Batch reduction
  • Quick changeover
  • POUS
  • Standardized Work
  • Pull/Kanban System
  • Cellular design

Benefits of Lean

Value Stream Mapping

Definition of Value Stream mapping

  • Material flow
  • Information flow
  • Process time vs manufacturing lead time

How to identify value stream and product families

Value Stream management



Course Length:

8 hours

Class Size:

5-40 participants


$295 + $12 consumables fee = TOTAL $307 per person

Training held at UAH  requires a charge of $12 per person per day for consumables.

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Photo-Video Notice: UAH – ATN staff may attend open-enrollment training sessions(s) to take photos or record video for marketing-promotional use. Instructors will notify training attendees before photos or video are taken if they wish to decline participation.

For questions about accessibility or to request accommodations during the workshop, please contact us at Customer Service or 256-824-2792. Two weeks notice will allow us to provide seamless access.