Lean Enterprise Value (LEV) Supply Chain Simulation

The Lean Enterprise Value (LEV) simulation is a unique tool for demonstrating the value and challenges of implementing lean principles and practices across an enterprise supply chain.  The course is comprised of four modular hands-on simulations and teaching materials developed on a foundation of insights gained through more than 11 years of intensive research and real-world experience. It is a complete, flexible simulation of a complex enterprise, which allows hands-on lessons in lean improvement at all levels of the organization’s supply chain.

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The LEV simulation utilized in the course was developed by the Lean Advancement Initiative (LAI) Consortium based out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The LEV simulation provides a very effective practice field for learning a variety of lean skills and tools.  With the addition of formal teaching and exercises, the course can greatly increase the value of this hands-on practice in areas such as:

5 S                                Value Stream Mapping                  Project Accounting
Kanban                      Product Development VSM           Paperless business systems
Takt time                   Lean Engineering                            Quality Tools
Visual control          Supplier network design                Change planning
Pull                             Just in time delivery                        Knowledge sharing/management

The LEV simulation is a tool for teaching enterprise-level lean thinking.   It includes manufacturing, a supplier network, design engineering, and service and support areas that must work together to achieve enterprise performance. While participating in the individual modules of the simulation, the participants must identify not only how to improve the technical aspects of their processes, but also the more complex challenge of how to interact with elements of the enterprise, such as financial and human relations elements, which are outside their control. The simulation is designed around teaching high-level lessons. Examples of these lessons include but are not limited to:

•    Change management processes
•    Economics of lean transformation
•    Communication and teamwork during both operations and transformations
•    Enterprise Value Stream Mapping and Analysis (EVSMA)

Course Length
4 Days   (8 a.m. – 5 p.m.)

Class Size
15 to 28 participants

•    $2500 per person
•    Available as a dedicated on-site course

Please email or call for details.

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