Value Stream Management in a Lean Business System

Organizations cannot achieve sustainable high performance through isolated process improvement alone.  This course focuses on how to use the value stream management process to take a big-picture approach to ensure every improvement effort is focused on accomplishing increased value-flow to the end customer.  Participants in this course will learn to understand their current operations from their customers’ perspective, design a future state of how to better serve those customers, and develop a detailed implementation plan to navigate the journey from current state to future state.

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Prerequisite(s): Lean 101 Overview


Day 1 (8 hour course length)

  • Introduction to Value Steam Mapping (VSM) (4 hours)
    • The VSM Process- PDCA at the operational level
    • Identifying value streams and mapping the current state
    • Identifying disruptions of the flow of value
      • System level (mura & muri)
      • Process level (muda)
  • Batch Reduction and Quick Changeover (4 hours)
    • Effects of batching on the value stream
    • Single-Minute-Exchange-of-Die (SMED) principles to:
      • Reduce changeover time
      • Lower batch size

Day 2 (8 hour course length)

  • Quality Management (2 hours)
    • Understanding process quality vs. inspection quality
    • Six Sigma process control quality overview
    • Achieving “quality at the process”
    • Poke Yoka/Mistake-proofing
  • Achieving Future State Value Flow (4 hours)
    • Takt time
    • Creating continuous value flow (cellular design)
    • Pull/Kanban systems
    • Lean information systems
  • Managing the value stream (2 hours)
    • Roles of a value stream manager
    • Managing the implementation plan to achieve the future state


Each section of this course features hands-on simulations and exercises where participants will experience the benefits of topics by applying the lecture concepts and measuring the impact.


  • Gaining a big-picture view of Lean Business Systems
  • Understanding the PDCA cycle at the operational level
  • Certificate of completion
  • Eligible to obtain Lean Practitioner certification: After completion of the following: Value Stream Management in a Lean Business System, Strategy Deployment  for a Lean Business System, and a project agreed upon and supervised by instructor


  • Management
  • Supervisors and team leaders
  • Value stream and business unit managers
  • Human resources and trainers
  • Lean champions and kaizen facilitators
  • Engineers

Course Length:

2 days (16 hours)

Class Size:

10-25 participants

Minimum class registration to make the course:  10

Cost:  Total cost $635

Course is $595 + $20 per day consumables fee 

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