Value Stream Mapping Event

Value Stream Mapping is a planning tool to help companies focus on when and where they should apply Lean concepts to get the most impact. The VSM process consists of identifying value streams/product groups in the organization, mapping a current state of material and information flow and assessing the inherent wastes and designing a future state of how the value stream is desired to perform. The result is an implementation plan that clearly prioritizes when and where to focus improvements and how each improvement will help achieve the future state. After the event, you will have a current-state map, future-state map and an implementation plan of your own value stream.

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Day 1
A.M.: Value Stream Mapping Training (ACME Stamping)
P.M.: Walk shop floor, map current state, brainstorm wastes

Day 2
A.M.: Continue brainstorming wastes, design future state to eliminate/reduce wastes
P.M.: Develop implementation plan, follow-up

Course Length:
2-3 Days

Class Size:
Maximum 10 from the following: operators, receiving/inspection, QA, supervisor, shipping, engineering, accounting, IS/IT support, purchasing, customers and suppliers.

$6000 per value stream event

For questions about accessibility or to request accommodations during the workshop, please contact us at Customer Service or 256-824-2792. Two weeks advance notice will allow us to provide seamless access.