Compressed Air

Participants in this class learn about the energy costs associated with compressed air systems.  Most people are surprised to learn that 76% of the life-time costs of compressed air are associated with the energy needed to produce the compressed air.  Attendees learn ways to reduce the energy needs of the system through proper pressure settings, leak detection and correction, proper maintenance, and elimination of inappropriate uses of compressed air.  In addition, participants are educated on the costs of various size air leaks and why it is important to fix them.  Participants leave the training with a checklist of items to look for and solutions to correct their findings.

Course Information

1-1.5 hours

Class Size:
10-12 Participants

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Photo-Video Notice:  UAH – ATN staff may attend open-enrollment training session(s) to take photos or record video for marketing-promotional use.  Instructors will notify training attendees before photos or video are taken if they wish to decline participation.

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