Environmental Waste Stream Mapping

Waste Stream Mapping (WSM) provides a VSM like tool that will help companies identify waste stream opportunities focusing on energy, solid waste, water or hazardous wastes. Participants will learn how things currently operate, identify improvement areas, develop an implementation plan and finally make the change for an environmentally-preferred future state.

You will learn how green thinking can be applied to reduce or remove waste stream output. Enable visualization of how processes create waste and where opportunities exist to reduce or eliminate waste, thereby helping the environment.

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Environmental Waste Stream Mapping



  • Sustainability Triple Bottom Line
  • Environmental Waste
  • Environmental Metrics
  • 4R’s
  • Waste Stream Mapping
    • Approach
    • Scope
    • Overall System WSM
    • Specific Process WSM
    • Specific Waste Type WSM
    • Information Gathering
    • Mass Balance Assessment
  • Consideration/Selection of Alternatives
  • Implementation Planning

Continuous Improvement:

  • Brainstorming
  • Team Decision Making
  • Prioritization
  • Root Cause Analysis

Who Should Attend:

Result-oriented managers, team leaders and others directly
involved in daily operations or profit improvement strategies
with bottom-line responsibility.

Course Length:
8 hours (1 day)

8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Class Size:
6-20 participants

Total Cost: $307

$295 + $12 consumables fee per day per person

Training held at UAH will  be charged $12 per day per person for consumables.

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