Manufacturing Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow. Celebrating the 225th Anniversary of Alexander Hamilton’s Mfg Report



“On Monday, December 5, 1791, the Secretary of the United States Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, submitted his Report on Manufactures: Communication to the House of Representatives. Hamilton’s report, commissioned by Congress, passionately and thoroughly laid out how the United States could gain specific economic advantages by encouraging the growth of manufacturing in the newly formed United States of America. Hamilton asserted that manufacturing would bring the added diversity of employment opportunities with increased productivity from using machinery and employment of technical skills…

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New Year, New Opportunities

Join us in 2017 for industry training opportunities to help you and your organization create efficient and effective working environments. Start off the year with Six Sigma training in January:

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2017 Manufacturer of the Year (MOTY) Awards


Nominations Now Being Accepted For:

Manufacturer of the Year (MOTY) Award

Alabama Technology Network (ATN) and the Business Council of Alabama (BCA) are looking for champions for manufacturing. Nominate a manufacturer (yes, self-nominations are accepted) for this prestigious award and be recognized at the annual celebration! read more…


3 Things To Consider This Friday


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3 Things To Consider