Entrepreneur Eco-System Map

Project Highlights

Mapping the Entrepreneurial Eco System in the three-county region of Limestone, Madison and Morgan Counties in north Alabama.



Launch 2035, a regional partnership founded in 2014 to foster regional economic growth and enviable quality of life over the next twenty years.  Business and community leaders from across the region are engaged and supportive of enhancing the region. 



Map the eco system for entrepreneurial activity in the three county regions and analyze to identify potential opportunities for improvement.



Regional Perspective on the environment in which local entrepreneurs succeed…and fail. Entrepreneurs…and many local businesses survive and thrive by dealing with their surrounding environment which can extend beyond a municipality, county boundary or other geographic boundary.

Entrepreneurial Eco System Model – The model developed by Daniel Isenberg, Ph.D. director of the Babson Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Project. The model describes the ecosystem in six domains: Support, Financial, Markets, Human Capital, Policy and Culture. Each domain is described in multiple dimensions.            



There are multiple phases of the project.  The first phase is schedule to be concluded by mid-year 2017.  Subsequent phases are not currently scheduled.



The project findings will be summarized in a report for the sponsor who will determine how it will be used.  All report inquiries should be directed to the project sponsor.           


Project Team

UAH CMER                 

Jeff Thompson, Project Director

Karen Yarbrough, Project Researcher

Launch 2035

Dave Hargrove, Launch 2035 Chairman

Bryan Johnstone, Entrepreneurship Taskforce Co-Chair

Larry Lewis, Entrepreneurship Taskforce Co-Chair

Scott Mayo, Launch 2035 Vice Chair (Morgan County)

Rick Paler – Morgan County

Larry Waye – Morgan County

Scott Nixon – Limestone County

Joanne Randolph – Madison County

Bob Glenn – Limestone County

Bill Ming – Limestone County

Andy Whitt, Limestone County

Jennifer Williamson – Limestone County

Carol Madry-Bell – (Operations Chair)


Helpful Links

Launch 2035 Organization

Launch 2035 Leadership

The Babson Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Project



 Jeff Thompson, Project Director – jeff.thompson@uah.edu



The scope, timeline, and activities may change at any time without notice.  The information provided on this page will be updated when appropriate but may not represent its current status.