Congratulations 1st Graduating Class in State of Alabama!  

Green Manufacturing Specialist Certificate  Program &
The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Certificate Exam


Huntsville, Ala., – July 25, 2012 – The first graduating class of the Green Manufacturing Specialist Certificate Program  – a  program offered through Alabama E3, completed their forty-eight hours of modular training focused on key aspects of energy and sustainability in May.

Representatives from five state of Alabama manufacturing companies:  AAR Precision Systems, National Packaging Corporation, Navistar, O’Neal Steel, and Sanmina -SCI participated in the green training specifically designed for manufacturers by the Purdue University Technical Assistance program in coordination with the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME).   

The attendees received the comprehensive training over six days covering a  curriculum that focuses on sustainable manufacturing, energy efficiency, water conservation, reuse and recycling, designing for the environment, and how different pollutants affect the environment.

At the completion, the attendees had a choice to complete an on-line review and exam preparation session and then sit for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers Green Manufacturing Specialist Certificate (GMSC) exam.   Seven attendees completed the over 100 question GMSC exam utilizing testing facilities on the UAHuntsville campus and received passing scores.  Lead instructor and  AL E3 coordinator of the GMSC program, UAH CMER and ATN staffer Anthony Holden awarded the certifications.

Our Training Photo Gallery – SME GMSC  Graduates

For more information about the Green Manufacturing Certificate Program & the SME Certificate Exam — review our  Sustainable Solutions training webpage.

The Green Manufacturing Specialist Certificate program is part of the Alabama E3 – Economy, Energy, and Environment initiative.  AL E3  assists manufacturers to increase profits and strengthen their future by implementing efficient production processes, reducing all wastes, lowering costs, growing jobs and driving innovation.