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Energy Conservation Best Practices Training

Energy Conservation Best Practices Training  (8 hours) A full day course that covers the key aspects of all Energy Conservation Best Practices – Practical Energy modules listed below.


Practical Energy Modules Offered:

Lighting  (1-1.5 hours) Learn about the importance of selecting the appropriate lighting & how to calculate the return on investment associated with replacing conventional lighting.

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning  (1-1.5 hours) Learn the importance of monitoring, adjusting, and controlling the HVAC system.

Boiler, Steam, and Hot Water Systems  (1-1.5 hours) Understand the energy saving potential of selecting the appropriate steam trap & the importance of proper insulation of pipes.

Industrial Ventilation, Fans, Dust Collectors  (1-1.5 hours) Focus on identifying items in your current ventilation system that increase power consumption.

Motors  (1-1.5 hours) Teaches participants how to recognize opportunities that exist for reducing energy usage by proper selection and maintenance of motors.

Conveyors  (1-1.5 hours) Focus on identification of the various types of conveyors and their applications.

Compressed Air  (1-1.5 hours) Learn about the energy costs associated with compressed air systems.

Production Equipment, Hand Tools  (1-1.5 hours) Attendees learn about the energy consumption of electric power tools versus pneumatic power tools.

Chillers and Cooling Towers  (1-1.5 hours) An overview of how chillers and cooling towers work & how to minimize energy consumption in existing systems.

Renewable Energy  (1-1.5 hours) Learn about the various renewable energy sources available today & an overview of alternative means for reducing energy costs in your company.

Special Process Energy Analysis  (1-1.5 hours) Focus on refrigeration/freezing and process heating.

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Photo-Video Notice:  UAH – ATN staff may attend open-enrollment training session(s) to take photos or record video for marketing-promotional use.  Instructors will notify training attendees before photos or video are taken if they wish to decline participation.

For questions about accessibility or to request accommodations during the workshop, please contact Customer Service or 256-824-5326. Two weeks advance notice will allow us to provide seamless access.