How Alabama Companies Can Help Fight COVID-19

Can Your Company Help Manufacture Critical Items Needed for COVID-19 Epidemic?

Tell the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) how you can help.

The administration is seeking volunteers who can donate and provide and/or produce, within two weeks, large-scale quantities of critical supplies to help the nation respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please complete this brief survey about your production ability. Due to the urgency of the request for information, we are attempting to receive responses ASAP.

Does Your Company have PPE equipment or Money you want to Donate?

For UAB – Contact @jcdhtweets Coordination Center at (205) 254-2550 M-F 10 am – 2 pm for questions regarding PPE donations.  Note only unopened and undamaged packages and supplies will be accepted. 

For Huntsville Hospital Regional System – Funds can be donated to purchase PPE equipment via Huntsville Hospital Foundation  Emergency Assistance Fund

Drop off donated reusable eyewear, masks, gloves at the Chamber of Commerce of Huntsville/Madison County lobby during business hours. 

Information on:

U.S. Food & Drug Administration issued Emergency Use Authorization for ALL disposable filtering facepiece respirators

Appendix A – NIOSH-approved FFRs as of 02-29-20

Appendix B – NIOSH-approved FFRs Authorized Respirators

Can Your Company Support the US Army Corps of Engineers in Fight Against COVID-19

The US Army Corps of Engineers requests all firms interested in supporting the fight against COVID-19 to submit updated information regarding capabilities, availability, and any other relevant materials to:

Does Your Company have 3D Printing Capabilities?  Using Innovation to Help Produce More Ventilator Masks

A recent news story showed how a 3D -printed part has been used in Italy to convert a scuba mask to a working ventilator mask. This link provides design drawing files and other information on that solution. This example is shared to inform and inspire Alabama companies.  

A group has been working on an open source project to spin up 3D printed ventilator validated prototype in just one week. TechCrunch has written a story about their efforts. 

To connect with the open source project – there is a Facebook Public Group – Open Source COVID19 Medical Supplies

HP opened up its proprietary design files for 3D printed parts to support containment efforts so they can be produced anywhere in the world and are also helping end-customers bridge potential supply chain interruptions by expanding distributed print-on-demand capabilities. Free design files have been posted online including a mask adjuster and a hands-free door opener. HP plans to post more applications and resources as they become available.    

Can Your Company Review These PPE MFG Blueprints & Specs and Consider Producing Any of These Items ASAP?

The Maker Community Provides Open Source Compendium of Manufacturing Blueprints and Specs via

this Google Docs Repository for many of the critical items on state and hospital critical needs lists.

Please read Master Google file first.

In Alabama, contact your local ATN Center if your company has interest and capabilities to support the supply chain needs of our health care providers. Located in another state, contact your local MEP Center

The Foundation for Manufacturing Excellence has created a COVID-19 Guidance & Resources for Small & Medium Manufacturers website page with links to Federal and Supply Chain resources along with other helpful business resources.

FEMA website page regarding the Defense Production Act Program

Hand Sanitizer


N95 Respirators

Surgical Face Masks

Goggles / Masks

Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR/CAPR)

Examination Gloves


Face Shields (Full Face Protection / FFP)

Medical Su​​pplies

Nasal Cannulas


Flow-Splitters for Oxygen Supply

Thorpe Tube Flowmeter

Oxygen Masks

Venturi Masks (High Flow)


​​​​​​Negative Pressure Rooms

Non-Contact Thermometers

Ventilator Machines

Hospital Beds

Oxygen Concentrators

Pulse Oximeters

Non-Heated Humidifier (aka Cool-Mist)


Infusion Pumps

COVID-19 Crowd Sourced Critical Supplies List – 3/22/2020

 If your company can produce or increase production or make components of any of these listed items during this crisis – please make sure you complete the NIST MEP Critical Supply Survey

 If your company will begin manufacturing – retooling should begin simultaneously while cross-country scouting for suppliers to provide materials, parts and components needed to make these desperately needed items.

The Foundation for Manufacturing Excellence has created a COVID-19 Guidance & Resources for Small & Medium Manufacturers website page with links to Federal and Supply Chain resources along with other helpful business resources.

FDA resource on Gowns, PPE info and Emergency Use info

Email mailto: with COVID-19 -related inquiries if:

  • You do not normally manufacture masks/gowns/gloves/PPE but might have capabilities to do so (e.g., have a 3d printer, have a factory) and want to help (“Helper Companies and Individuals”), inside or outside the US
  • You need information on importing masks/gowns/gloves/PPE/ventilators/diagnostics from outside the US
  • You are outside the US and want to ship masks/gowns/gloves/PPE/ventilators/diagnostics to hospitals in the US
  • You would like to fast-track a new product to get on the US market (including Emergency Use Authorizations)
  • You have questions related to reuse, resterilization, or substitution/modification of PPE/ventilators/diagnostics/accessories

 COVID-19 Crowd Sourced Critical Supplies List – 3/22/2020

  • Gowns, Disposable, All Sizes -ISO rated, surgical gowns, impermeable, polypropylene, 3-layer, looking for at least 500,000 of each size or 2,000,000 of one size fits all
  • N95 Masks
  • Surgical Procedure Masks
  • Surgical Procedure Masks w/Shield Attached
  • Face shields – with band, disposable
  • Goggles -antifog, splash/impact-resistant, Condor, similar to Grainger #1VT70
  • Gloves, Exam, All Sizes – long cuff 11-12″, nitrile
  • Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR) – MaxAir CAPR Systems
  • PAPR Hoods, All Sizes – 3M or alternative brands
  • PAPR Filters
  • Comfort Strips (Max Ari 2000-201)
  • Li-Ion Batteries, Small (Max Ari 200-36T)
  • Impermeable Barriers
  • Sanitizing/Disinfectant Wipes
  • Hand Sanitizer Bottles – 4, 8, 12, 24 oz. bottles
  • Hand Sanitizer Refills – 1200 ml or 2000 ml
  • Hand Soap – any sizing, foaming or not, sanitizing, Go Joe, looking for about 500 individual 20 oz packages
  • Cleaning Solution Spray – Vionex, Cavicide or similar
  • Biohazard Waste Bags – red, 10 gal, 24″ or similar in size
  • Digital thermometers (forehead)
  • Disposable Thermometers
  • Disposable stethoscopes

Alabama Companies Manufacturing Critical Items Needed to Win the COVID-19 Fight 

We salute You! 
Hand Sanitizer – produced by YellowHammer Brewery with assistance from Torch Technologies and Freedom Real Estate, Huntsville, AL 

Hand Sanitizer – produced by  Straight to Ale, Huntsville, AL 

Hand Sanitizer – produced by Irons Distillery, Huntsville, AL  w distribution assisted by Piper and Leaf Artisan Tea Co., Huntsville, AL 

How we can help at this time

We understand that the current COVID-19 epidemic is creating many challenges for manufacturers of all sizes including supply chain, lost contracts or sales, workforce, capital and more.

Please locate and contact your local ATN center or in the Tennessee Valley reach out to us at UAH CMER -ATN for one-on-one assistance to help plan, prepare and implement policies and practices to help your organization.

ATN and UAH CMER -ATN team members are prepared to provide information, make referrals and connections, and provide assistance and resources to assist as many organizations as we can. Use our UAH CMER-ATN Helpline to let us know how we can assist you.

We Are Connected to Local- State-Federal Resources

UAH CMER is located within the University of Alabama in Huntsville College of Business and is an ATN sub-center and a part of the MEP National Network (MEPNN).

NIST MEP and the MEP National Network are currently focusing on providing assistance to U.S. companies who are willing to manufacture critically needed PPE equipment and supplies. 


Resources Available On UAHCMER For Manufacturers 

Due to COVID-19 epidemic,  UAH CMER has several new website pages to support Manufacturers:

COVID-19 Information & Resources for Businesses

 Resources on COVID-19, how UAH CMER can assist your company, UAH SBDC and SBA resources, and other key links are referenced.

How Alabama Companies Can Help Fight COVID-19 

Resources on Manufacturing PPE including using 3D Printing


We will continue to keep you updated as resources and guidance become available from NIST MEP, MEPNN, and the ATN Network via email and through our social media channels. (Twitter: UAH_CMER ; FB: @UAHCMER)

Nicholas Loyd, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor, ISEEM, UAH

Director, CMER & ATN-UAH